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Less Is More®
Exhibition Design
The less is More Exhibit is based around a historical graphic designer, Stuart Ash in collaboration with a current graphic designer, Mark Buchner. Both these designers have a similar approach and philosophy to their work, as they both have minimalistic & detail oriented elements in their work. These designers love to work with simple shapes, contrasting colours and clean type. The exhibition branding is inspired by a combination of both  designer’s works and different components can be seen throughout all the teasers.

We then assigned to man an organ of alimentiveness, and this organ is the scourge with which the Deity compels man, will-I nill-I, into eating.

Secondly, having settled it to be God’s will that man should continue his species, we discovered an organ of amativeness, forthwith. And so with combativeness, with ideality, with causality, with constructiveness — so, in short, with every organ, whether representing a propensity, a moral sentiment, or a faculty of the pure intellect.

All work credited to Julian Moslehi © 2019